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How To Remove And Prevent Stains In Your Swimming Pool

Stains on the liner of your swimming pool can be quite alarming. Not only are they unattractive, but they may signify that something is wrong with the pool itself. The following guide can help you determine the cause of specific stain types, as well as help you remove or prevent the stain.

Organic stains

Stains caused by organic matter, like leaves and plant material, are generally green or brown. If you have a fruit or berry tree near the pool, you may even find some stains with more of a red or blue hue in this mix.

Handling organic stains is a three step process:

  1. Remove any offending organic matter from the pool, including algae buildup, with a net, pool vacuum, or by having the pool professionally cleaned.

  2. Increase the chlorine level of the water to the upper limits so that the water is at a higher end of the recommended pH range; shocking the pool is also a choice,

  3. Grab your long handled pool brush and brush the sides and floor of the pool; the combination of higher pH with the brushing will dislodge the stains so the remaining organic matter can be filtered out.

In the future, clean fallen leaves and other debris out of the pool promptly to prevent staining. Trimming back trees or covering the pool with a cover or leaf net can also help.

Metal Stains

These stains are caused by heavy metals in the water or metal items that placed in the pool. Brown and red stains are generally iron-based, while blue, green, or black are typically caused by copper. You may even get purplish stains from manganese.

The trouble with metal stains is if the metals are in the water, they will be a recurring problem. Hooking your pool's water supply to a softener can remove hard metals from the water, but it's not always possible to do so. Of course, if the stains were a one time occurrence, perhaps because something metal was dropped and left in the pool, you only need to remove the stain once.

Removal of metal stains, regardless of the cause, begins with a water sample. You can take it to a pool store or talk with a pool cleaning and repair contractor. They will use the sample to verify which of the metals is causing the stain so they can prescribe the right additive. You will then use the additive to counteract the metal and the stain, and remove old stains with the aid of brushing. If the metals are in the water, though, the process will require repeating periodically.

For more help, contact a pool contractor in your area, such as Aqua King.