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Keeping Your Apartment Complex Clean: Four Things to Consider

Part of making your apartment complex appealing to potential tenants is keeping the buildings and the grounds immaculate. To make sure the property is neat and tidy at all times, there are a few things you'll want to do. Use this guide to keep your apartment complex looking great and to keep your tenants happy.

Arrange for Daily Cleaning

The common areas inside each building can become dirty rather quickly, so you may want to consider arranging for daily cleaning. You can have a property-cleaning service come in to vacuum the carpets and mop the floors in common areas each day. Consider having the cleaners vacuum upholstery on furniture in your lobby and dust tables and other surfaces. Having the cleaning crew come in during the day will let your tenants see that you are actively working toward keeping the buildings neat and tidy.

Inspect and Clean Restrooms

Public restrooms will likely need more than just daily attention, depending on how busy your complex is. If you have restrooms in the lobby or in any other community areas inside the complex, arrange with your property-cleaning service to have bathroom attendants on hand throughout the day. You can select regular intervals for them to check each restroom and be sure to use a restroom-check sheet the cleaning crew can use to sign off that each restroom has been cleaned. This will show your tenants that these areas are always being maintained.

Add Waste Receptacles Outside         

Give your residents an easy way to get rid of trash by placing waste receptacles throughout the property grounds. This will help to encourage your tenants to keep the complex clean, and it gives them a convenient way to dispose of small amounts of trash. Place the receptacles close to the entrance of each building, and place some near the parking lot to make it easier for tenants to clean out their cars. If you have a swimming pool, picnic area, or outdoor playground, be sure to add some waste bins to these areas as well. Work with your trash-removal company to have the receptacles emptied on the same days that your dumpsters are emptied.

Hire a Groundskeeper

Groundskeepers can do more than just mow the grass in your complex. Consider hiring one to pick up litter, rake leaves, and tend to the greenery on your apartment-complex grounds. You'll also want to consider making snow removal part of this person's job so your sidewalks are clear and safe for your tenants throughout the cold winter months. Be sure to give your tenants a contact number for the groundskeeper while he or she is on the property so they can call with any concerns or requests for service.

If you aren't sure about which services you need for your complex, consider hosting a tenants' meeting. Everyone who lives in the complex can voice their concerns and share ideas for making your apartment complex clean and inviting.

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