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Every year, my mom and dad invite my grandmother, my sister, my brother-in-law, my husband, and I to their house during the holidays. While all of us stay at my parents’ home, we make a big mess. I enjoy spending time with my family. However, I feel bad about getting my parents’ home dirty. Does your home look uncharacteristically messy since holiday guests left? Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to make it sparkle again. The skilled technicians from a cleaning service can shampoo your carpets, clean your oven, and dust your furniture. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing benefits of hiring a cleaning service to come to your home after the Christmas holidays. Enjoy!

3 Things You Should Take to the Dry Cleaners But Don't

When you think taking something to the dry cleaners to get freshened up, occasion gowns, tuxedos, and dry clean–only clothing items often come to mind. There are many other materials that should be dry cleaned as well, even though you often care for them using other means. Here are three things you should be taking to the dry cleaners but you don't, along with reasons why you should change your habits.

Your drapes

First of all, if you've never washed your drapes, you should. Over time they accumulate a lot of dust and dander that can permeate the air whenever you open or close them. Secondly, if you've just been tossing your drapes in the washing machine when you do your spring cleaning, stop. Drapes are often made of heavy man-made and synthetic materials that can wear a washer and dryer out without getting as clean as you may think they are. Washing your drapes this way can also ruin their original shape. Take them to the dry cleaners so their original pleats can be restored and they can get the good steaming they need.

Anything with sequins or beading

If you love the detailed look of your sequined or beaded gowns, shirts, and coats, avoid washing these items by hand or tossing them in the washing machine and take them to get dry cleaned instead. Not only can a dry cleaner properly steam and clean these fragile items, but they can repair loose threads to keep your textured clothing in the best condition. If your clothing has missing or broken details on it, your dry cleaner can refer you to a seamstress or perform the repairs for you at an added cost.


You likely do get your leather dry cleaned, but only when it reeks of cigarette smoke or gets a stain on it. The reality is that leather can wear out and crack in a jacket, chaps, or jeans just as it can on your furniture, so it needs to be treated at the dry cleaners more regularly than it is. Your dry cleaner can not only remove offensive stains and nose-wrinkling odors, but they can also oil your leather clothing so it is shiny, soft, and ready for future wear.

There are many benefits to taking certain items to the dry cleaners that you don't think need special care. Not only can you give your washer and dryer a rest, but you can keep favorite or expensive items in your home in the best condition possible.