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Every year, my mom and dad invite my grandmother, my sister, my brother-in-law, my husband, and I to their house during the holidays. While all of us stay at my parents’ home, we make a big mess. I enjoy spending time with my family. However, I feel bad about getting my parents’ home dirty. Does your home look uncharacteristically messy since holiday guests left? Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to make it sparkle again. The skilled technicians from a cleaning service can shampoo your carpets, clean your oven, and dust your furniture. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing benefits of hiring a cleaning service to come to your home after the Christmas holidays. Enjoy!

Cat Urine On Your Carpet? Three Tips to Get the Odor Out

When you first get an animal, it may take time to get used to a new home. They also may act out especially if they were not taken well care of by their previous owner. Cats and other household pets may also have health problems, such as a urinary tract infection, which can cause a cat to urinate outside of their litterbox.  This smell can be strong and linger in the air. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get the odor out, two of which are listed below. 

Use Baking Soda and Club Soda

It can be difficult to get urine out of carpeting on your own but there are some things you can try. If possible, it is best to get the urine out as fast as you can after the cat urinates. This is because the urine can sink down into the carpet and into the carpet padding. 

One thing you can use is club soda and baking soda. First, pour club soda onto the stained area and let it saturate the carpet. You will notice the soda immediately start fizzing. Let it sit for around five minutes and then blot the area with a clean cloth until it is dry. Next, pour a little club soda onto the carpeting again and pour baking soda over it. Both will start to fizz and help neutralize the smell. Blot the area again with a clean cloth. 

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

If you cannot get the smell out your cat may go back to the area and urinate again. Because of this, hire a professional carpet cleaning service. They have equipment that deep cleans your carpet to get the smell out as well as any urine that may be in the carpet. This also removes stains from other things you may have on your carpeting. 

Many carpet cleaning companies use steam cleaners. As they push the carpet cleaner over your carpet it sprays a detergent that is mixed with hot water deep into the carpet fibers. After this, they use a wet-vac machine to extract all the dirty water. When finished, your carpet will be clean, and the urine smell will be gone.  If the urine smell is still on your carpet, however, the carpet cleaning company has special cleaners they can use along with the steam cleaner to get the smell out. 

The carpet cleaning company that you hire can explain to you how their equipment works in much more detail.