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What A Detailed Home Inspection Report Can Reveal About A Home

A detailed home inspection is useful if you are interested in buying a particular home or want to ensure that your current home is still up to standard. A professional home inspector can check out the home from top to bottom and write a detailed report that informs you of any problems that were uncovered. With the information that you receive from your home inspection report, you can choose to still purchase or bypass the home that's for sale or make any needed improvement to your existing home so that your living space will be safer and more suitable for you and your family. Here are just a few things that you can learn about a home from a home inspection. 

The Roof's Condition

Roof problems aren't always obvious at first glance, and a home inspector can look for damage that could put the entire roof along with the rest of the home in jeopardy. After you've reviewed your home inspection report, you can invest any needed money to make the repairs or bypass the home if you don't own it yet. Some roof damage that a home inspector might find include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged vents
  • Blistering
  • Roof sagging
  • Missing or damaged flashing

Pest Damage

Termites, rodents, and birds are only a few types of pests that can cause widespread damage to a home, and this damage could go unnoticed for some time before it becomes a major problem. The keenest home inspectors know where to check for pests and can inspect all areas from the attic to the basement. The inspector may even be able to identify wire and other electrical system damage that might pose serious hazards. Home inspectors can also look for animal droppings in tight corners and other less-obvious spaces to determine if pests are still living in the home.

Possible Radon or Asbestos

Both radon and asbestos can be lurking inside a home and cause negative health effects if fumes or particles are inhaled over a prolonged period. Radon, which is a colorless, odorless gas that can rise from the ground into homes through cracks and other openings, can be detected with radon testing. If potentially harmful asbestos particles are discovered in any building materials, the home inspector can inform you of the possible corrective measures that should be taken.

Property Grounds

In addition to the house itself, a home inspector will check the property grounds to look for any walkway, driveway, or deck problems. If any sheds or other additional structures are on the property, the inspector can check the conditions of those as well. Unusual puddles, which can indicate a broken pipe or other water problems, may also be noticed by the home inspector. The inspector can even check the conditions of the trees, shrubs, and garden on the property.

A home inspection can help you avoid certain risks that may set you back further financially. A qualified inspector who offers comprehensive home inspection services can be hired to act as an extra set of eyes as you try to make the best decisions about a home. Contact a home inspection service to learn more.